Bring it Baumans!

Well what can I say... a Bauman visit is never a dull one!
In June we had the pleasure of hosting great friends Christy, Andrew and baby Wilder.
I've known Christy since 3rd grade, our moms were best friends growing up and Christy was probably the closest thing I had to a sister. Her brother was in my class and he hung out with my older brother. There is a lot in common I share with Christy and it is so comforting having a friend who knows me so well. We have completely fallen in love with her hubby Andrew. He is so fun, so silly and so so wise. Both of these crazy nuts are shrinks and let me tell ya they are gifted.
That's probably why they are also.... completely insane.

I miss these people and just don't get enough of them.
Hoping these June visits become an annual tradition and I'm hoping to get out there to see them again REAL SOON!

We visited the Lake Casitas water park on Father's Day

I always knew Christy was going to be a super fun mom

this is how we do


this is how they do

best double date.... ever.

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