Enjoying the Fourth

This year's fourth was super relaxing.
We took the kids to Montecito's Fourth of July parade which is very short and basic- so it was perfect for the kids- not too overwhelming.
The rest of the day we hung out at my parents' pool.
We invited a few friends over to watch fireworks and make smores, but unfortunately about 30 minutes before the firework show started a huge fog bank rolled in! You couldn't see a thing!
And sure enough a few minutes after it was over the fog rolled right out.... weird.
Happy Birthday America!
it started out cozy

I made "flag" waffles for the kids and we all sang "happy birthday" to America
then they blew out a candle
yep, we're pretty patriotic ;)

the cousins met us at the parade!

Linda's food set up!

pool break with ice cream cones=summer

making smores

my dad bought this huge pirate ship
it has a drawbridge, swords and a flag
looks like the big kids enjoyed it too ;)

E's first fourth!

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  1. Such a fun day!!! Can't believe the fog situation lol