Viva la'ing

Old Spanish Days is a big deal here in Santa Barbara, 
and I must say its never been a bigger deal to me personally than now.
When I was a 20 something -sans kids- I found it to be a nuisance to be honest.
I didn't like the crowds, the traffic or the fact that I had to pay a huge cover to visit the same places I normally did on a weekend.

With kids that's all changed.
I think its important that my kids learn about their town's heritage and get a chance to partake in some of these traditions, and even develop our own traditions as a family.
Everything becomes a celebration when you have kids- and with fiesta its the perfect sort of finale to our summer.
Enjoy the Pic(k)s!

we've enjoyed walking in the children's parade for the last two years
the kids really like decorating their "float" and throwing confetti

she's bumming that she's not on her scooter yet ;)

baby's first fiesta!

we ran into this awesome familia

we walk with P's pep group and this year they made paper flowers to hand out
she loved giving them to the kids

this guy even gave her a fist pump! he he

afterwards all the paraders get icecream

annnnd mommy's get bloody mary's
hey! it was the morning after my birthday, I needed this! 

buying fiesta dresses has become a fun tradition

party at the Beards- Lauren is getting her baby fix

another fun tradition for the kids is the fair at MacKenzie park
there's lot of kiddie rides

dad even took a break to come out and ride a few with them

first funnel cake for the girls

the "before" shot of the kiddie roller coaster

annnnd the "after"

I must say I was shocked on two accounts...
1. that Violet even got on this- not sure what she was thinking
2. that Pen freaked out- she rode this solo last year and was fine, and she rode the one at Disneyland which is much bigger and LOVED it- to the point that she cried at the end because she wanted it to keep going.
I dunno maybe they were extra tired.
I thought it was funny nonetheless.
sorry girls! ;)
you Survived Fiesta!

Viva La everybody!

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