Violet Mae is 3!

Violet Mae is 3!
Violet is our spunky, energetic, silly, sweet, spirited little monkey.
She is quite a little rascal and she cracks us up.
This year Violet Mae moved in to Penelope's room, got a new big girl bed, gained a new sister, learned to use the potty and started preschool. 
She has been one busy lady!
Her birthday party was a simple afternoon affair.
We started the day off by surprising her with balloons everywhere, and when she came downstairs she found her very own trampoline in the kitchen!
She had her favorite breakfast of chocolate croissants and bacon (a girl after my own heart) and we all sang to her. 
Violet spent the day at school and had a chance to celebrate there as well.
I made little cups filled with teddy bear grahams and icing with sprinkles for dipping.
When she came home after school we surprised her with a Frozen bounce house.
She spent the rest of the day playing with her closest buddies and enjoying pizza, cake and ice-cream.
We love you so much little Violet.
You are such a treasure and a joy.
Happy 3 my love.

the next morning we stayed home and opened all of her presents just the two of us
It was like her very own Christmas!

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