Everly's Ninth Month

This was Everly's first time ringing in the New Year, and boy did she do it in style!
We toasted the last sunset of 2014 with friends at Butterfly Beach.
Not yet walking, but no where near slowing down.
This little monkey was very busy mastering scaling furniture, climbing stairs and learning how to get around no matter what the obstacle.
She continues to be a little social honey bee, and we love her so much!

playing with Annabelle

park and carousel play dates with cousins!

New Year's Eve Sunset

"what the flock?!"

New Year's Eve

New Years Day seal hike with friends

mastering the great outdoors

drive-ins with friends!

mornings with sissy

almost.... there....

"just try to catch me mom!"


celebrating dad's bday with cousin

wait for it...




beach nap

a true beach babe

such a great day

had to deal with some traffic at the grocery store

mischief with Ayin

zoo dates with sissy


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