happy love day to you!

This Valentines was action packed same as it is every year, and of course there was plenty of crafty goodness.
enjoy the pic(k)s!

making a heart pillow out of sticky back felt in sewing class

I bought the burlap at Michaels, sewed up a quick pillow and slapped on this heart.

leaving love notes for the kiddos

daddy love notes are the best

this year we made heart shaped bird seed feeders for the girls valentines
it was a super easy project they could help with and get their hands dirty with- which they're always excited about!
shape bread with cookie cutters...

punch a hole with a straw

that's just me... ya know....
this is what happens when I'm up past midnight crafting

let child paint on tahini sauce
Pen is five

and for the three year old, dipping the hearts into the bird seed or sprinkling the bird seed onto the hearts was a perfect age appropriate task

some kitchen twine and you're done!

yep, that's past midnight right here
only time I could find to wrap these cuties

each one was wrapped individually in cute red + white polka dot tissue paper

and placed in a little paper bag I wrote on with a sharpie

I can't take credit for this idea-
found the adorable paper bag idea on Pinterest (of course)
but I've learned to manage pinterest
It's all about- what is feasible? What can I manage with the least effort, skill and time
and what will give me the BIGGEST BANG FOR MY BUCK?!
I mean to say what will the kids like the best and really wow them, with the least money, time and brainpower.
Well these pretty much fit the bill....

and for Violet's class,
so did these...

its a Klondike bar people
if you want to take it to another level you punch it out with a heart stencil
sprinkle some sprinkles on the sides
stick a lollipop stick and call it a day.
I mean a heart shaped, sprinkled, ice-cream lollipop on a stick??!!!!
the kids heads exploded
I have one friend who didn't even do the shape for her son's class.
She decided to cut even another corner and just stick a lollipop in these
guess what, those kids heads exploded too.

and my favorite part of vday is spreading the cheer by dropping off little bits of fun to friends
I think the kids really got into this

annnnnd what would vday be without your standard heart lunch
cheesy I know but they eat this kind of stuff up... literally ;)

yes and they did find heart shaped clovers, tied them up with this cute ribbon with the help of their nana and gave these to me
heart shaped lunch was worth it

but lets be real people, vday isn't just about the kids
there had to be some adult time too

wine tasting in the SB funk zone with the hubby and friends
lularoe skirt people!

these neighbors are.... priceless

second daddy daughter dance for these lucky ladies

baby E opening her first valentine

but lets face it the school projects are the best are they not?

I mean c'mon!

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