Everly's Tenth Month

The month of LOVE. Our little love had a great tenth month.
She learned to clap, which even though she's the third child to learn this still tickles me just as much.
Everly also mastered stairs this month. 

Even though we have a special baby blessing ceremony planned for Everly next month we decided to still be a part of the baby dedication ceremony at our church Ocean Hills.
It was really sweet to see all the new babies, and get a chance for our entire church to agree in a prayer over Everly.
We need to pray circles around our children, and welcome as many blessings into their life as we can!
Life is tough people and its gonna be a long road. :)

Everly is a loving, rambunctious little monkey who loves to be held upside down and spun around.
Happy 10th month Baby E!

hanging with her cousin after her baby dedication

my family at church

hanging with Jess

one of my favorite pics is one just like this of Violet as a baby with Penelope
need to post those side by side

birthday fun

practicing walking

first clap!

opening her valentines from Papa Bear

stair champion

she loves this! Can't get enough!

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