she's star of the week!

In Penelope's school the kindergarten has a really cute tradition of honoring each child by letting them be the "Star of the Week"
Penelope was given a poster to fill out that had questions about her family and favorite things etc.
At the end of the week she gets "interviewed" by the entire class.
What I liked best about this was that at the end the teacher asked the students to offer up compliments to Penelope.
Then her teacher wrote all of them on the back of her poster.
I thought this was so touching, and such a great way to build camaraderie among her peers.
Plus its got to be great for their self confidence right?
sign me up!
We did not have this when I was in school.
Well, at least I don't remember it anyway. ;)

her poster

the compliments ;)

a video snippet of her interview

some of her "compliments" ;)

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