Everly's last day of Growing Times

Tuesdays are the only day when I have just Everly.
I treasure this special time with my baby so much.
Its easy to get "sidetracked" with housework and errands- so I decided to enroll us in a mommy & me class. This way I figure we'd get at least a couple hours of dedicated time to hang out!
This class is so great.
There's lots of other little munchkins her age, we have songs, stories, crafts, dance and indoor and outside play.
Her cousin joined in the spring semester so its been extra fun hanging out with them.
The classes have ended for the year, and Everly is so sad. She keeps asking for "baby class."
My favorite thing about this class are all the songs and hand motions she's learned.
So cute!

waiting in line for their stamps at the end of class

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