All the little monkeys...

Last Sunday was the party of all parties... a one year old ultimate birthday at My Gym. Graham Millington was the lucky little boy with the parents who love him soooo much they thought of this great idea. All the kids had a BLAST! Penelope was in heaven, and afterward EVERYONE was tired- parents and kids. I got some really cute pics so lets get this party started!
Penelope taking it all in before she dives right in!

the birthday boy with BFF Kenzie, how cute are they?!

Penelope and Alana- total girls through and through

hey, they match!

Penelope is now obsessed with slides after her park date with Graham

shaking the parachute

thanks Ms Cherise! Yay!!!

beach balls hanging from strings, genius

Sammie sporting his haircut, how handsome

Kalista having a ball!

Kenzie loved rolling around on this mat!

lobster lady is gonna get you!!!

Sam walks now, yay!

awwww how tweet

Kelby never knows if he wanna gives kisses or pull hair, its a toss up.


the race to the top!

every kids dream, a ball pit!
Felix was just chillin in there! LOL

These were moving pillars, pretty cool

another moving object they had to crawl in, tricky tricky!

and yes they even had a train!

cake time! Here comes the birthday boy making his grand entrance in his cool blue car

Oh yeah that's goooood

and if that wasn't enough, now bubbles?! Yeah

we're not done yet Penelope, you get to ride the rocket ship zip line,
she doesn't quite know what to think of this one

oooh now she's got it!

Yay! Happy Birthday Mister Graham Millington
We sure do love hanging out with you and your mommy
We are very proud of you.


  1. I love this! I need all of you pictures! How cute is P's hair in the parachute shot. Can I just re-post your blog on my blog instead of writing my own ;)

  2. So fun! I love seeing all of the children's faces and the bright colors!!

  3. You take such great pictures mama! I have a lot of pictures from this fun party, but only a few that look as good as yours:-)