Well here we are at Christmas.
After this we are all ready to start the New Year Posts! Woo-hoo!
I can't even tell you how much more fun this Christmas was now that Penelope can really get around and play with her toys (as well as open gifts!). I expect next year will be even more awesome and so on and so on. We spent Christmas eve with my parents and opened our gifts that night, but that morning James, Penelope and I opened our stockings here at the house. Christmas day Penelope got to open her gifts with her grandparents and then went to her great-grandparents for another party. Afterward we all went back to our house for a fantastic meal of our traditional prime rib, broccoli casserole and twice baked potatoes stuffed with cheese and mushrooms! YUM! And of course lets not forget the buttermilk pie! MMM MMm goodness.
(the diet started right thereafter) LOL Merry Christmas everybody!

opening stocking Christmas Eve morning

of course Gracie has to get one too!

Me and my little brother Eric on Christmas Eve

Pen and Uncle JJ

my dad

a very touching moment between these two, he surprised her with a beautiful bracelet

We bought my parents dog Snickers a Snuggie!
he LOVED it!

Now its P's turn to open gifts! Christmas morning Santa came!

that's right, matching PJ's!

later that day we went to my grandpa's
here he and Eric are in deep convo!

my grandpa got remarried a few years a go-
his wife has a pretty big family,
pictured here is her son Bob and son-in-law Max

Linda and Evelyn

grubbin' down!

Bob with his daughter Amy

Penelope playing with Rachel's daughter Summer

Pen loves chocolate just like her mother

My great aunt Phyllis

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