Gobble Gobble...

I have to say I have REALLY been lacking in my posts recently. We are JUST now getting caught up with Thanksgiving! Time flies and it flies even faster during the holidays. This year we hosted and it was a lot of fun. My family was there and so was James's mom and Aunt Jo and Uncle Dave. It was a full house and the food was amazing. Yeah!

Treats! This pumpkin dessert our uncle made was unbelievable.

I got inspired and made this Williams Sonoma caramel apple pie
complete with a homemade caramel sauce to drizzle on top. YUM!

Penelope ready to eat!

My grandparents

My sister in law Linda and her friend from Sweden, Marie (on left)

me and dad

Aunt Jo with Penelope

Uncle Dave and Jamers

Jason and James
Mom and Jason

Penelope loves playing with Uncle Jay Jay

Aunt jo and Uncle Dave

Turkey all carved up oh yeah!

Penelope enjoying her first Thanksgiving feast

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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  1. Uh humm! It's about time you post! :) P is adorable! Okay I think we need to have a mommy night of sharing our cooking talents! And for those who don't cook...well they can bring the vino!