Penelope is 15 months!

Penelope Pearl just turned 15 months old. It still blows my mind that we created this perfect little person. There is nothing better in this world than hearing her giggle, in fact we will sacrifice all personal self respect just to hear it! LOL I will have her new stats next week after her doctor's visit but just for a quick update on what she's up to these days: obsessed with her belly button and anyone else's, likes to mimic sounds I make (I caught her shushing me back yesterday when going down for her nap) and she loves to make the doggie sound "woof-woof", she also loves to take things completely out of containers and put them back in, she points at everything, signs for "all done", "more" and "hungry", and she has learned how to ride the slide ALL BY HER BIG SELF! Yay Penelope! She is growing up too fast. (sad face), but it sure is fun watching her!

She likes going through mommy's make up bag- Starting young?

Penelope sitting like a big girl while enjoying her snack at "Toddler Times"


  1. YAY an update :).. She is so cute. I love the pic of her in the big balls haha. Btw I hope you guys did not get sick from me. I have been out cold for a week. xoxoxo

  2. Ah so sweet! Will we EVER see our friends again?! We sure do miss everyone. :(