A Royal Idea

I would love to do this with my stairs!
 I'm currently in the creative design process of revamping one of my upstairs bedrooms into both a playroom for Pen and an office. When we first moved in I was all about papering every square inch of the house, but I can't escape the ever lurking fear of having to one day painstakingly rip all that lovely (and expensive) paper down. So now my attention has turned to stencils! I stenciled Pen's last room at our old place and was surprised at how easy it was...
For this room I want to include a chair rail on the largest wall and paint the bottom portion with chalkboard paint. For the top I found a cute stencil (link here) http://www.royaldesignstudio.com/enlarged_photo.php?id=1677&view=1
I figure if the bottom part of the wall is gray this stencil design will look really cute in gray, yellow and white. I also have a floral rug in green and yellow which will tie in the rest of the room's kelly green accents nicely I think. I hope to get started soon and update with pics of the process, but for now check out these other great ideas from my fav stencil resource: royal design studio.

These walls have a paneled look done with a stencil. Very French, love it.

I heart this.

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