Happy Valentine's Day!

I had a blast playing cupid this V-day. Me and my lil Valenteeny Penelope made the rounds handing out these adorable boxes filled with chocolates for the adults and organic animal crackers for the kiddos.

Then we surprised James at the office with a box of chocolates from Sees
(I couldn't resist the tuxedo box!)

We also gave him a custom photo frame Valentine made by P herself,
next we stole him away for a Starbucks
and even did a little toy-shopping for Pen.

waiting for their lattes!

When I was little I was fascinated by snow globes
so I found this super sweet globe on etsy from the tiny tiara.
I thought this would make the perfect Valentine gift for P.

Pen's snowglobe from the Tiny Tiara

Happy Valentines Day everyone, many hugs kisses and chocolate.


  1. Awww can it get any cuter! Love the tuxedo chocolate box and the little boxes little P handed out. Did you make them?

  2. Btw thanks so much for the Valentine's card :) Love you