Penelope turns 19 months!

My little baby girl is getting so big so fast!
A couple weeks a go we took her for her 18mo check up.
Here are her stats: 24 pounds (50% percentile); 32" tall (55% percentile)

Here's a quick rundown of what she's been up to lately:
  • Obsessed with Elmo- in fact we just bought her a dancing Elmo who sings the hokey pokey as well, and she loves to turn around in circles with him
  • Loves her new Baby Emma doll- she loves putting her baby in the stroller, feeding baby, bathing baby etc.
  • Dances all the time and has perfected the "spin"
  • Tells me when she has poop (we are currently getting her familiar with her very own potty!)
  • Is starting to say all the words that she used to only sign and has now added "hurt" to her sign vocab
  • Most frequent/favorite words of Penelope's right now: Book, bubble, bup (up), milk, wa-wa, hot, that, this, tv, mo-mo (Elmo), baby, mama, dada, nana and of course, no no no!
  • Understands the concept of hot and says hot
  • Likes to do everything mama does: one of her favorite things to do now is help me wash dishes
  • Thinks putting things away is super cool: in all her baby classes she is one of the first ones to run back to the teacher with her toy for clean up
  • Speaking of clean up, likes to wipe everything
  • Still loves to throw her food: yes we are working on this one!
Penelope on her first day of swim lessons

learning how to crawl out of the pool

first time enjoying her "pool" outside

last day of "school" before summer break- this is one of her favs, the parachute

enjoying her very own first icecream cone at IKEA

showing off

getting to know Baby Emma

and just looking plain cute!

~Happy 19 month birthday my sweet little Pearl~