Penelope's First Day of Preschool!

all buckled up and ready to go!
Today was Pen's first day of school. She will now be going to Hope 4 Kids preschool on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30-3. When we first got there she wasn't quite sure what to think and wasn't ready for me to leave yet. So I stuck around and in the next few minutes it was snack time. Penelope sat down at the table and had some toast with jam and strawberries, and even got to drink milk out of a "real" cup which she enjoyed thoroughly. This was the perfect start to her morning because afterwards she was all "warmed up" and ready to play. She walked off to the toys and started playing all by herself. When it was time for me to go she could care less! I kept saying "Bye!" and she was like "yeah whatever mom, I've got some playing to do here." LOL
making herself right at home :)
When I picked her up it was the same thing. Her nana and I showed up expecting her usual enthusiastic greeting, but she was too busy grooving to the radio. She turned around and saw us and was like "hey you guys" then turned right back around and continued dancing. Hilarious. Her teachers said she was happy all day and even woke up from her nap happy. I was surprised she was able to nap on her first day, especially because it was her first time sleeping on a cot and not in a crib- much less in a new place with new people etc.
"yeah I do this all the time at home" LOL
I'm really glad I waited until she was ready to put her in a preschool. Some kids don't have that luxury, and have to start a little before their emotionally ready to separate. Penelope was one of those babies that had separation anxiety from the very beginning. She didn't even like other people holding her. Slowly however she has progressed into this little independent lady and I am so happy for her. Now I'm sure she will have bad days too but at least she got off to a great start! Hopefully Hope, :) will become a place she can enjoy for a long time and make lots of new friends.
my little "cindy lou-whoo"


  1. What a big girl. Congratulations Mama and baby.

  2. Congratulations! They sure do grow up fast huh?! I love the blog, super cute.