Hugs and Kisses! XOXO

Happy Valentines Day!
my valentine babies

Penelope opening her Valentines from Mommy and Daddy

Penelope's class had a special Vday party- we had to bring healthy snacks that were red!

cute cheese ball with heart cut out, muffins, cranberries, watermelon and raspberries=YUM!

Penelope's school project she made for us, so sweet!

For Penelope's valentines we made cute treat bags filled with these  fun bubbles and a little heart ring with m&ms inside

this is how it looked assembled, then we attached a cute Valentine card on the outside
her classmates had some pretty crafty and creative Valentines for P- this was a homemade crayon from her friend Miles

fun books and little stuffed Valentine mouse from Mommy and Daddy!

that crayon is pretty cool!
Happy Valentines Day!

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