Violet Mae turns 7 months!

Yay! Violet Mae turned 7 months on May 16th.

Here is a little recap of what she's been up to the last month. 
Violet started scooting and wiggling forward over the last few weeks and in recent days has accomplished full military crawling status. I am very happy for this new accomplishment because I know Violet has been dying to play with her sister. She watches her all the time and cracks up at Penelope's funny antics. No one could have prepared me for how wonderful it would be to watch the two of them interact and play. 

Violet Mae has always been very vocal, but on May 11 I woke up to the sounds of her babbling in her crib. She has using consonants in her babbles so they sound more like "da-da" "ba-ba."
She also loves to make a funny spitting sound with her lips. I will have try to get a video of it because there is no real way to describe it, but its so funny because she will just play with her toys forever and crawl along the floor making this funny sound, as happy as can be. So silly!

Violet continues to be very grabby- anything and everything in sight has potential to become Violets~

Here is what she currently loves:
-bathtime with sissy
-chasing after her pink squishy ball
-any toy she can get her hands on
-sweet potatoes and butternut squash
-ripping moms glasses off
-peek a boo
-sissy- (oh yeah I already listed that, but hey she is Penelope's biggest fan)

Her last check up was April 19 
and at her appointment she weighed 15 pounds 8 oz and was 26 inches tall.

at the doctors

still at docs-she is so silly!

hiking with bud Brody

 playing with sissy


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  1. She is growing up so fast. I can't believe it. So adorable. Can't wait to see the crawling live in action :)