Penelope is 2 1/2!

Pen is now 2 1/2 and I can't believe how much of a "big girl" she is becoming already. 
I am truly loving this age. Its so much easier to explain things to her and rationalize with her. It makes for far fewer tantrums too. ;) It's so cool being able to take her all over town and do big girl things, like having a snack on State Street, or going to the movies or a trip to the toy store. It is soooo much fun! Ever since Pen was a baby we have always been "on the move"- so now just like her mama she loves getting out and about, or as she likes to call it "go in the beep beep." Her vocabulary has really taken off and now she is forming full and complete sentences, so for instance when she used to say "milk" now its "I want more milk." Of course we like to encourage a "please" with that as well. ;)
Its funny when the baby is crying and Penelope will start singing "twinkle twinkle" to her. Its become her new go-to for fixing anyone's ailments.
One of Penelope's favorite things to do is put diapers on babies. I think everything stuffed in my house now has a diaper on it. If that girl can find a way she will! She spends most of her free time figuring out how to dress and undress her dollys. She also insists someone chalk draw Mickey Mouse when we're outside. Other faves of Pen's include digging for "pokeys" aka, roly poly's, going to the movies and restaurants, Mickey mouse, music class and her "baby sissy." Penelope absolutely loves her baby sissy and is the first one to make sure that baby sissy knows who the real boss around here is. Boy are we in for some good times. :)

Pen insisted I hang out in this house with her at her Growing Times Class-there's my head in the skylight.
She wanted to look for pokeys.

girl after my own heart

getting some quality time with Nana

digging for pokeys at school

her school sent me this pic as well- she could do this for hours!
 playing Piano with bud Sammy

playing piano with sissy

kickin in at the beach with sissy
all the baby toys have become popular again!
She fights for a turn at this every time her sister is in it!

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