Smokey the Bear

Back in June Penelope's school had a visit from a very important guest, Mr. Smokey the bear.
The kids got a chance to learn all about how to prevent forest fires. Smokey gave out hugs and all the kids got a chance to hold the fire hose, and were even given special goodie bags from Smokey, complete with a comic book that tells you all about the origin of smokey. This book was interesting for me because I actually didn't know how he came about. The book though is pretty long--and quite detailed in convo-- so I had to learn to skip some pages during bedtime. 
No biggie though Pen was none the wiser. ha ha ha
now when it came time to do the hose Pen originally chickened out- it wasn't until they were packing up and she was in her car seat and we were about to drive off that she decided she wanted to do it. I said "do you really want to Penelope?" and she was very convinced that she was. So we hopped out real quick and I had to yell over to the guys and they were nice enough to oblige us. Whew! She almost missed the opportunity of a lifetime! tee-hee ;)

such a brave bunny ;)

um yeah that's def not P, there was nooooo way she would set foot near old smokey, but sure loved to talk about him like they were BFFs. "smokey's nice, he's a nice bear" she says.

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  1. sooo cute. Looks like a fun day. I def didn't think that that was P hugging Smokey :)