Violet Mae turns 9 months!

(You'll have to forgive me for posting this so late but I am quite behind on my summer blogging.) Eeek!

On July 16th Violet Mae turned 9 months old. Crazy.
She is getting too big way tooo fast- someone tell this kid to please slow down.
She has been very busy this past month: she pulled up to stand for the first time, fed herself for the first time and started clapping her hands. So cute.
So you will see a lot of pictures of her stuffing her face because this was the month of eating for violet mae. She even got to try chocolate chip pancakes (a luxury her big sis had to wait much longer for)- ah the perks of being the second child!
Congrats Violet Mae on growing so well, now slow down please.
unless she's tired or hungry she's usually doing this :)

Violet could play with her toys all day if we let her
She's quite taken with the kitchen

did I mention she likes to eat cell phones?

first time pulling up to stand
8 months, 22 days old

first time eating watermelon

concerts in the park 

trying to eat Nana
feeding herself for the first time
the cheerios were quite popular
8 months, 24 days old

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