Something sweet

I'm a lucky mom because I get to share "room mom" duties with one of my good buddies. Being a room mom basically means I help provide treats and/or gift bags to Pens class on special holidays. Well for Valentines Day my friend Jen and I decided to split the task. She made ADORABLE goodies bags complete with little stuffed "love bugs" and I made the treats. Well valentines is a holiday with endless treat possibilities. In fact I'm a sucker for anything heart-shaped. So again after looking through tons of ideas I went with Pen's for the deciding factor. Currently I have a freezer full of skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. Last week when we had a sitter over I told Pen she could have an icecream sandwich after dinner if she was good. Boy did that work like a charm! Gonna have to be careful not to use this bribe too often. ;). So when I saw ice cream sandwiches online I knew that was the winner. Now I decided not to subject the kids to my skinny version and opted for the Klondike variety instead. Apparently they were a big hit with the kiddos. Feedback also informed me having them on a lollipop stick added to the excitement big time. Lucky kids ;)

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