Vday love

Now I know I've said this before but the holidays are definitely suped up a notch when you have kids. This valentines was no exception. For Pen's class valentines I thought it would be cool if she made them. It's a win-win... She loves to craft and this way she can make a special keepsake for all her friends. I think it also helped to teach her what the holiday is all about- showing those you care about how much you love and appreciate them. Now for the project-hmmm what to do? Well I did a lot of research online and found some pretty clever ideas but ended up settling on rocks. Why rocks you say? Because pen loves to collect and play with rocks especially when she's outside, and well when trying to find something I think her friends or class might like I always go straight to the source. If Pen likes it odds are they will too. ;) The best part of the whole project was listening to Pen select certain rocks for her friends. Very sweet.

The "before"