Easter 2013

Easter is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays.
It may be a little rainy this time of year, but everything in my garden starts blooming; and I start getting excited thinking about all the new things to look forward too. Like, daylight savings (hallelujah!), warmer temps (well here in SB our seasons are sometimes a little backwards), a new vegetable garden, and of course summer that will be here before you know it. 
And I know I've said it before, but life with kids just kicks all the holidays up a notch- if you have them you can relate! So there's family traditions to carry on and times with friends- and somehow we manage to squeeze in room for it all.
I love that this holiday is so full of such spiritual significance and love.
It's another day to bring family and friends closer together.

Enjoy a little recap of our whirlwind Easter here. 
a beautiful walk- look at those sailboats, they look like white clouds

nothing feels quite like spring like feeding the ducks

getting started on her very first vegetable garden

we now have a planter for each
we planted carrots, zucchini, strawberries, lettuce, beets and some pretty little flowers 

easter crafting playdate at Evia and Mila's

these were the cute bags they made

Penelope thoroughly loved the egg dying process
and so did little sis


the finished product
these were the kind you can write on with a white crayon and it leaves a cool effect

one major bonus- my wisteria comes back in a MAJOR way!

whenever Pen has a break from school I jump at the chance to host Pep
since it is on Wednesdays she rarely gets to see her old buds
So since I rarely host-  I try to add a few extra special things, like themed treats, a special craft and of course and Easter egg hunt!
my birdie cake "before"
after with peeps and lemon drops!

paula dean's chicken salad sandwiches (this was before her racial blip!)
but I would probably still make them, they were super yummy  he he

cute little Pinterest-inspired deviled eggs
don't shake your head- these were super EASY!
that's my criteria for anything pinterest, if it looks like it will take more than five extra minutes,  I DON'T DO IT!

P with baby buddies, Graham and Phoebe

Violet found her first egg!

Kenzie playing at our Easter pep playdate

two cuties
one of their crafts was the silly bunny crown Kit is wearing
easter crafting!

just because :)

sweet treats from MacKenzie 
my sister in law linda makes THE BEST breakfast!
hint, hint ;)

This year we spent Easter sunday by attending church at Hope Community 
and having lunch at my mom's house.
It was nice not to host!
this pic captures their personalities and cracks me up!

beautiful Easter lunch set up at mom's

swimming on a cold Easter day- because they know how to heat a pool!

this is what I preferred doing

my dad sticking it out in the rain at Calvary Chapel's Easter service

my Grandma Mary with my mom and dad

yummy Linda cupcakes

sweet Isabella is quite the baker
she made this adorable cake

opening Easter baskets from Auntie Linda

just because


  1. Awwww this is such a cute post. I love Easter too. So fun, now especially with kids. The pic of Violet and Lilja makes me laugh every time. So hilarious!

  2. Oh and we should have you guys over for breakfast soon :)