Vegas with Toni April 2013

Back in January one of my very sweetest, closest and funniest friends Miss Antonia called me up.
She let me know that come April she would be in Vegas on a business trip.
Now this is a really BIG DEAL since she lives in the BAHAMAS! (sorry don't mean to shout)
But I was really really excited.

It seems that our most recent get togethers involved me being pregnant or having some super small infant. So previously I would not have been able to meet her on said business-y trip.
Well I am very happy to announce that because my little planner friend gave me enough notice I was able to plan it in advance- thereby confirming my ability to go.
and my dear dear hubby was nice enough to give me his full blessing (and the girls' dear dear grandma's were nice enough to help him out while I was gone!) he he

I hadn't been solo with Antonia in years…. and let's back this up- did I mention she was my very first college roomie? That she was in my wedding? That many many milestones have been spent with this precious lady? Well you can imagine how exciting it was for me to get a chance to have her all to myself for an "entire weekend"- (quotes because I didn't want to shout again)--- and spending it in Vegas? A dream come true!

Now I was ready for anything with this trip. Last I remembered my roomie was pretty wild- In only the best way "toni-tone" if you are reading this. ;)
so I had no idea how many late nights to expect. 

However, I must report this trip was significantly mellow all things considered.
Antonia, aka "Toni", "Tonia," "Toni-Tone"- was pretty wiped out from her conference and jet lag/time change. So we spent most of our time lounging by the pool, shopping, ordering room service and just catching up--- which was FINE BY ME!- oh whoops, shouting again.  apologies.

My dearest Antonia, one can only hope and dream that we get a chance to do this again, and soon.
i love you and miss you so much my friend and look forward to your upcoming visit.

roomies forever!

one of my fav restaurants in Vegas

yeah she loves the selfies ;)

this is what James was up to! 

this pretty much sums us up

yeah this was trouble

getting more in trouble

and more in trouble


after this debauchery we tried to use the Aria spa and needless to say- um well that didn't happen
Soooo after a looooong nap...

bam! a little makeup and a shower and voila!

sexy ladies again, whew!

there's no one else I'd rather dress up with!
love you Toni-Bear!


  1. Ahhhh this trip has taken on a whole new meaning to me now lol :). You ladies look fab!!!

  2. What an abfab time we had! Love ya recap cause it totally took me right back to our Vegas venture! It was a mosst delightful one-on-one and I'm happy and thankful for all those in your life that made it happen. There is nothing better than having that support! Can't wait to see you all in August! Smooches! (PS of course I'm wild.... lol)