Mother's Day 2014

This year's Mother's Day weekend was action packed.
All fun, some bits more stressful than others, but next year I definitely plan on squeezing in more down time. 

We started off with tea at Andersen's Bakery on Saturday.
We decided to treat both our mother's and James thought it would be fun to take the girls.
I think he had this ideal picture in his mind of treating all his ladies to tea (and I think he was excited to try all the yummy food he had heard about). but alas violet is still a bit too young for this sort of thing... see below

Penelope is making a sour face here too, waiting for her food

had to post this one cause I love V's smile

the spread

afterwards James and I escaped for a few hours for some much needed r&r
boy did I miss this place!

on sunday we went to church then took the kids for a movie
we had lunch at persona pizza and had this delish burrata beet salad

after the movie we went to my parent's house for lunch with the fam

little potatoes
meeting for the first time

this pic cracks me up

5 under 5!!!!

she still wants to be the baby

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