Welcome home little Everly

On March 30, 2014 at 4:37pm we welcomed our third little girl into our world. 
She was 7lb, 14oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. She is perfect. 

I was praying for a "mellow" labor (as in no crazy surprises or earth-shattering contractions), and for a "non-NICU" baby (since our first two BOTH were!)
God answers prayer. 
This labor was my "mellowest" by far. 
We had some family hanging with us through most of it, and I was actually able to breathe through my contractions and resume a conversation when one would finish- an experience I had not had before. I did end up getting an epidural for fear that all that could quickly change and I would miss the opportunity. I'm glad I did get one because I was able to relax, and just be in the moment with my loved ones. 

Early labor started around 4am. I decided to download a contraction app and start timing them. Once I did I realized it was going to be a while so I went back to sleep. Around 8am I woke James up and let him know I was "probably in early labor"-- I've never seen him jump out of bed so fast! :)
I spent the morning hanging out at the house with the kids, trying to walk around to see if labor would progress. Most of the contractions were only 30seconds, so I was thinking it could either stop or it would be late in the evening by the time we would be heading to the hospital. Around 11:30am I had a pretty tough 2 minute contraction so James decided (for the both of us mind you) that it was time to head over there. By the time the nurse checked me in the hospital I was already 5cm dilated. I was both relieved to hear that and a little concerned. Knowing how long it can take to get admitted and get an epidural- and remembering how quickly my labor (and gnarly contractions) had progressed with my previous two births-- I was nervous I wouldn't get my epidural in time. 
However, it all worked out. The staff speedily got me all checked in, and my anesthesiologist Dr. Gallagher took great care of me. Even calling and personally stopping by later to make sure my pain was still under control. 

This little lady was a "one push wonder." Literally moments after the doctor stepped out of the room to take care of paperwork she came out. I told the nurse "congratulations, you just delivered a baby!" 
They plopped her on my tummy, and I didn't have to let her go for a long time. It was such a relief to have her in the regular nursery just down the hall. Friends and family could easily come in and out and see her. The nurses took such great care of all of us. Offering to burp her, change her, swaddle her- whatever she/I needed. I didn't want to go home! :)

It's been one month with her now, and she is such a blessing. Newborns are hard work with the erratic sleep, but I am really enjoying just having a warm little bean to hold and cuddle all the time. Now I really know how fast its going to fly, so as tired as I am I don't want to take one second for granted. 

I love you little bean. Your daddy loves you, your sissies love you, your whole family just loves you. Oh and did I mention there are a ton of other precious folks who love you too? 
Lucky girl, 
lucky us.
Welcome home.

This labor was much easier than the others but don't be fooled
I would only smile like this with an epidural :)

my parents

my crazy sis-in-law who took all these wonderful pics

getting my IV so I could get the blessed epidural
the IV took several tries on different arms- ouch

my dad

one of our first pics together
first moments

yes he was vaping in the delivery room!

James's sister Isabella 

James's dad and sis

dad keeping an eye on her

weighing in

my brother Eric

an excited grammy

my absolute favorite picture
the first moments when they put her on me

meeting their new sissy
first sibling visit

meeting Mary ann

meeting big sis for the first time

meeting Tammy

1st diaper change
Tammy was there to lend a hand
boy did I need it!
we even called the nurse lol

meeting Erin 

we took a polaroid of all of our hospital visitors

all packed up and ready to go home!

nurse Nora, loved her!

in love

1st day home
this pic captures it all
sissies busy in the background- hard at work with their other babies

ready to go home

1st car ride

1st day home
it was a cozy one

first bath

meeting Lauren

I have lots of sleepy baby pics

WEB nurse visit- I had this nurse for my other two as well

meal delivery vespa style

meeting snickers

there is a lot of love for this little bundle

one of my other all time favorite pics

we were loved on with lots of yummy dinners

meeting jack

1st doc checkup

2nd doc checkup

big sis helping out

Auntie Linda cuddles
first park visit

she had lots of visitors her first month

1st breakfast out with grammy

mom & dad's first day out

first bath moments

first easter

first family photo

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