New Chapter...

We've been together, almost inseparable for nearly six years now.
As an infant she refused to let me out of her sight- demanding to be held as long as she was awake.
As a toddler she began trusting others, but still hesitated and was cautious.
As a preschooler she blossomed, made friends and made fans.
Penelope has developed into this beautiful, caring, kind, adventurous (while still careful) :-)
thoughtful, compassionate, silly, curious young lady.
We couldn't be more proud.
Today was her first day of kindergarten- she was excited and a bundle of nerves.
We were excited for her too.
Excited to get to see this huge first step through her eyes.
Walking her to school with mom & dad each holding a hand, looking up at us-- beaming.
I will never forget the look on her face.

Earlier in the week she asked me what days she wasn't going to be at school.
I told her Saturdays and Sundays now, to which she replied "I guess I'm not going to see you that much anymore."
She said we'd still have the mornings, but knowing how early we have to be at school I told her we'd really have afternoons.
My time with Penelope has been so precious all these years.
I know her days at school will fly by, but I have so enjoyed our leisurely days waking up and deciding together what types of adventures the day would hold.
And boy did we have some adventures. 

School is going to be such a great new chapter, and we are all embracing it with vigor.
New families to meet, school activities and traditions, and just all the fun and newness each year will bring.
But I will miss these first years with my first. 
My baby.
I will treasure them in my heart forever.
I love you Penelope Pearl.
You are a true pearl- a rare and precious jewel, perfected and polished over time.
We are so thankful for you and so happy for you.

And now I am finally crying.

Penelope Pearl
1st day of Kindergarten
Peabody Charter

Pen's teachers came earlier in the month to visit our home and answer any questions she might have

Penelope's teachers Mrs. Kangas and Mrs. Perkins

with best bud Lyla

lining up with Kenzie and Lyla

figuring out what her badge means

and what would the first day be without a little McConnell's rocky road
after all it was 90 degrees outside!

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  1. Beautiful send off. It is so hard and I will say, for me, it doesn't get easier. xo