Have a little.... patience

Pen's school has a fun tradition of honoring particular students each month for something specific.
Each month has a different goal for the kids to work on.
Examples would be kindness, helpfulness, positivity and so on.
Penelope was chosen for patience this month!
She didn't know she was getting this award, but WE did!
Its so cute how the school does it... they bring all the kindergarten classes together in one assembly.
There the teachers each take their turns making an announcement about how they decided to choose each child. Then the kids get to go up, accept their award, be applauded and take pictures.
I love this idea of rewarding good behavior.
What a great incentive to give the kids each month.
Great job Penelope!
We love you

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  1. This is Awesome. I going to share this with other blogger friends so that they could also participate :)...