Welshes do snow

In February we went away for the weekend with some friends of ours to Big Bear.
We had so much fun with the Zavala families!
Love these families so much.
There was plenty of sledding (right in our back yard), snowman making, snow angel making, yummy cooking and hanging out. It was super bowl weekend so of course that pretty much dominated most of our Sunday, but what better place to eat and watch football than a cozy cabin in the snow!
I love that we actually got some snow in Southern California this year, and that we had a chance to enjoy it with friends.
So fun!

our back yard

Jess toasting the girls upon arrival
my way to kick start a weekend! :)

Penelope & Evia mastering the sled

these cuties!

love this fam!

love this fam too!

these kids had waaaaay too much fun in that jacuzzi!

eating iceicles

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