Vday lovin'

This year Valentines "DAY" was pretty much a three day long extravaganza, heck with four girls in the family and all--- lets' just say James is a busy guy! ;)
It wouldn't be vday without some Welsh Valentines Bark!

gotta have your standard "heart lunch"

Violet's valentine creations

Penelope handmade 24 of these beauts

and of course mom had to get in on the action too

snuck in a little  SB Film Festival action...

James took all 3 girls to a daddy daughter dance
at our church ocean hills and he surprised them each with a
necklace. The three wishes symbolizes his "three" little girls.

Penelope wanted a special "do" for her hair so we did a blowout

its soooo long when its straight!

we did our date night the day before Valentines 

dinner at Babarenos

and we caught a dance show featuring Isabella at Center Stage Theater

there she goes!

finished the night off at Joes and found this gem...

surprise baskets for the morning!

and this is the best way for me to spend Vday

love ya'll!

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