Pen Plays Piano

Penelope has been taking piano lessons off and on for a little less than a year now.
Its so fun to see her progression.
Her teacher says she has a great ear for hearing the music.
For example, when she's playing her scales she can tell if a note sounds off.
I think thats great for someone so young who hasn't been playing for very long.
In the fall Pen started taking lessons from one of her teacher's students.
This arrangement has worked out great for her.
A few weeks a go she had the chance to play in the spring recital.
I could tell she was nervous, but she played so well!
At the end the master teacher, Ms. Kerry, gave everyone a medal with their names engraved on it.
Pen also was given a frame of a photo of her next to the piano, and a music note "word art" filled with personal things about her (the songs she played, her grade, favorite animals etc).
It was a very sweet and personal gift.
My parents came to watch and so did her nana.
Penelope has told me more than once how proud she is of herself for doing it and for getting a medal.
She's learned that all that practice (even when she didn't feel like it) had a payoff.
Hopefully this is a lesson that carries her through the rest of her life, and she never forgets that feeling of self-accomplishment and pride.
Way to go P!

these two were crazy as usual

her teacher Isabella receiving an award from Ms Kerry

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