Feelin' blue?

Picking blueberries is one of those annual traditions we look forward to every year.
Normally I eat blueberries because well, they're good for you.
Buttttt I wouldn't say they are my favorite fruit- or even berry- for that matter.
They can sometimes taste like dirt.

~in season~
they are so sweet and amazing that you're like
"Is this really a blueberry??"

Anyhoo, we like to take the kids on down to the farm and pick blueberries for a morning.
It feels like the perfect start to summer!

This time James got to come with (we usually go during the week, but now that Pen is in school we needed to go on a weekend).
We also joined forces with their cute cousins.

Now, I've already made muffins...
cookies (recipe courtesy of my mama friend) soon to come
and I have a feeling teachers are going to be getting jam for end-of-year gifts. ;)

and can I just make blueberry pancakes like every morning??

Annnnd, I accidentally picked a few too many blueberries
sooooo $50 dollars later,
yeah some of these are goin' in the freezer!

how funny is this face?!

we're there two minutes and they're already discussing politics!

wagon break

checking out the livestock

perfect picnic spot

blueberry selfie!

best hotcake recipe from my Nepenthe cookbook