Last week of Kinder!

hangin with the besties at Leadbetter Beach
last field trip of the year

Pen had an incredible year of kindergarten at Peabody Charter.
There were so many field trips (Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch, Art from Scrap, Hendry's Beach, SB Fair & Expo & more-- and special school functions (Jog-A-Thon, Harvest Festival, Sports Day etc).
She made new friends and learned so much!
The last week of kinder was action packed. 
There were dance parties, field trips and special performances.
Here are some of the highlights- including her first day of summer!

dance party with Mr. Silva!

homemade blueberry jam (with blueberries she helped pick!) for teacher gifts
a little taste of summer!

running into one of her fav teachers Ms Perkins at Padaro Beach Grill
last day of school

latte date with mommy for her first day of summer

nail date for first day of summer!

sushi date for first day of summer!

hanging out with sis at the zoo after her preschool day was over
first day of summer

zoo date with sissy
first day of summer

last field trip- Leadbetter Beach
with buddy Lyla

hilarious kinder dance party

movie party with her fav Chinese takeout
followed by mom sleeping in her room for her last night as a kinder!

mom sleepover!
Not to worry they definitely slept in their own beds ;)


  1. So much fun :) which will always be remembered. Our grandson is going to start kindergarten soon .

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