1st day of school!

Tuesday was Penelope's first day of school! We went to Infant Times 1 over at the Wake Center. The class teaches songs, sign language, baby massage etc. There were a ton of babies and mommies there. It was really fun.

Tammy and Graham

Christina and Layla (Layla and Penelope have the same birthday!)

The MacNaughton Family- Kate, Grant and baby Sam

All that learning can be exhausting!


  1. Hi Mommie, I am now an official "follower" of your blog! I clicked to be a "private follower." This is such a great way to stay connected, AND...I'm able to save the fabulous pictures! What a cutie...BOTH Mom and P!!! I love you both AND Jamers of course :) Mom

  2. Wish I could be there with you! You'll have to teach us all the signs and songs!! Looks like fun!

  3. Oh how I miss that class! Too bad it's on a day I have Sophia. Poor Kalista is being neglected. :(