Hair secrets 1 and 2

Hair Secret #1: I thought I would share one of my fav beauty products- for those of you who aren't already in the know, you must check out Morrocan Oil. This stuff rocks. I have uber curly hair and I am one of those fanatics that like to spend a minimum of 30 min trying to get it straight. Well curly haired girls have trouble in that department. Even though we can get our hair "straight" we still fight with our fair share of frizz. Plus, my hair has a course texture, but when I use this stuff I barely need any product- and I barely need to use much of this oil- It makes my hair baby fine and silky, like its (um naturally straight! shhhhh). So if you haven't already checked it out I encourage you to do some investigating. Trust me on this one, you won't be disappointed.

Hair Secret #2: If you dooo want curls or waves depending on your hair I implore you try Frederic Fekkai's beach waves. This stuff is awwwwesome. It will give you that "oh nothing, I just left the beach" look. Keeps the curls perfectly together and not to frizzy not too tight- just totally lived in, totally beach. Ahhh love it.


  1. the oil sounds heavenly! i'm such a sucker for product!

  2. And then those of us with the strait hair, mess with it to make it curly! ;o) Personally, I love your curls.