Last week I trekked down to Los Angeles- the city of Culver to be exact- to finally pick up my stolen IPHONE from the Culver City Police Station. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to have this phone back. You really forget how much you come to depend on all that technology in the palm of your hands. Of course I had become such an avid texter that I really came to regret that habit when I had the temporary phone these past few months. 3 letters to a number- OLD SCHOOL! So while me and Penelope were down there we decided to have lunch with one of my buddies and of course do a little shopping. ;) I hit up YOLK in Siverlake where I found this cute YO shirt and LU LU DRAGONFLY in Los Feliz where I got the adorable pink Elvis onesie. We always make it worth the trip when we head to down to old town.

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