On July 2nd Penelope and I stayed with my friends Jon and Alisse up in Solvang since James was in LA for a bachelor party (still haven't seen those pics, hmmmm). Anyway, Pen and I missed him but decided to make the most of it. That Sunday I took her to the mini pony ranch. It was a hot day and a lot of the ponies were lying around just trying to stay cool. Pen loves ponies and making the "nay" sound so she thought this was really fun. She got to pet them through the fence and everything. It would be fun if we could get one for a pet, but who wants to clean up all that poop?! We can barely keep up with our dog's! :)
After the ponies we decided to cool off in the clouds back in town with my brothers and sister-in-law for a little beach time. check out the pics!

now thats one fat pony

this one was really sweet but I think he was hoping for a treat

tired, hot pony

P and her aunt linda

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