So our local library puts on some pretty fun activities for the kiddos each week. They rotate in different teachers who have specialties in either theater, music and dance or yoga. Well in June Penelope was in for a special treat, one of her favorite things in the whole wide world--- BUBBLES! I've been waiting to post this because I thought I was going to get some more pics from a freelance photographer who was there, but alas she only posted them on her site instead of emailing them to me. So if and when she does send them I will add, but we are getting a little backed up on our blog here so I must stay in order! And the first order of business, BUBBLES! Now there were a ton of kids, most of them much older than Pen but that didn't stop our little miss personality... she ran for that tub and wouldn't you know got to be a special assistant. She wasn't scared at all. It was so cute! Check out the pics. xoxo
so focused!

the teacher was great, he showed how different bubbles can become different shapes  or stay a sphere even though he used a different shaped wand etc. The kids all really loved it

there's the special assistant!

there was no denying her moment to shine! LOL!

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