Penelope is 20 months!

I love this pic because I can really see her "big girl" face here.
 Today Penelope turned 20 months! Only four more to go until the big Numero Dos! (That's number two for those of you who don't speak Mexican).
Anyhoo, she is my best buddy and I am having so much fun with her. She's picking up new words and signs every day and before you know it I won't be able to shut her up! I often find her jabbering on in her own little caveman sort of speak and I wonder what she's thinking. I guess soon enough I will know. Pen's current faves are: elephants (she especially loves this one elephant song on her new Yellowbird CD. I actually have to put it on repeat when we're in the kitchen, it kinda drives me nuts) but she loves walking around waving her arm in the air and making a funny sound pretending she's an elephant. Next up, anything Elmo. She calls him "mo-mo" and is quite enthralled. Riding down the slide on her tummy is also a new fave. She is loving her new school and is growing up way too fast. We love you Pen! Happy 20 months!
Here are a few fun pics from the last month:
chillin on the beach with aunt Linda July 3.

checkin out the mini ponies in Solvang- July 3.

relaxin at a July 4th bbq

playing with dad in the hammock July 4th.

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