A Perfect Summer Day

I am so loving summer this year!
It seems like the past couple of summers I have either been hugely pregnant or had a teeny tiny baby strapped to me... oh wait that HAS been my last couple of summers! So this is the first summer in a long time that I have felt great and actually been able to enjoy! (no remodels, new babies etc)
We are trying to make the most of any free time we have. So a couple of weeks a go we decided to have a family "stay cation" right here in SB and enjoy all the fun things our lovely tourists get to do.
The kids had a blast and so did we!

It all started with a surrey ride!

the kids loved it!

followed by a pit stop at On the Alley for lunch

then some beach time at Leadbetters

the kids loved this idea!

Afterwards we stopped by parents house to dip in the pool and celebrate the kids Aunt Linda's birthday, but sadly I didn't take any pics there.

We left the kids with the sitter for the evening and headed straight to the funk zone for a little wine tasting

no better way to cool off after a hot summer day then with some cool crisp chardonnay!

we even had a chance to celebrate "grown up style" with Linda later that night at Milk and Honey
afterwards all four of us hit the World War Z movie---
(even though Linda couldn't quite stay awake for the whole thing)
he he

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