Tea with Tink!

Penelope is a huge fan of Tinkerbell. She loves her movies, has her dolls etc etc. So when my good  friend Kate told me about a special event happening last Sunday with fairies and tea I knew I had to take her. Like most little girls, Penelope also loves a good tea party. This was our first "real" tea together. Actually, the tea party part could have been way fancier if you ask me (buuuuuttt... we'll just save that for the fancy Biltmore tea this Christmas)--- anyway, back to Sunday. Even though the tea itself was actually just orange juice and cookies (which was disappointing for momma but perfectly age appropriate for Pen) it was super AMAZING because Tinkerbell herself was hosting! She even took song requests and serenaded the girls! (Yes people they are even for hire) The day was pretty much spent getting faces painted, hair braided, dancing around, having a princess "lesson" (smile and wave girls!) and making bubbles. Afterwards Pen and I grabbed some lunch in our fancy dresses, went to the toy store and visited my friend Alisse. It was such a fun mommy/P date, and we both loved every minute!

P was so star struck she sat up straight as a board and didn't say an entire word when Tink was there!

she looks almost bewildered here! So tired and so nervous! LOL

after she had her face painted we went back over to the table just the two of us to finish our tea
this was when she finally "loosened up" and started having more fun

making bubbles

love this girl!

check out Tinkerbell's serenade!

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