Big Bear Fireworks

The summer so far has been spectacular. 
We are very quickly checking many things off our "summer MUST do list"- (May-June recaps coming soon!)
4th of July was no exception- it was probably the best 4th I can remember!
Our friends the Beck Family, were nice enough to invite us along to Big Bear with them.
I had never spent time in Big Bear in the summer, but knowing how beautiful the lake is there figured it would probably be-- awesome. It did not disappoint.

But even better was the fun of hanging out with another family with kids the same age as ours (the oldest share birthdays!), and who have so many similar interests- and who are so totally... awesome. :)

The weekend was filled with beach time, SUP'ing, bbqs, hot-tubbing, lots of wine, making ice cream--- for the first time!, lakeside picnics, boat rides, street dancing and of course fireworks (the BEST fireworks I have ever seen by the way!)

Thanks so much Erin and Brian for including us!
You guys rule!!!
Violet on her way to Big Bear- multi-tasking 
there was a lot of this going on

nothing like kid-friendly restaurants!
give these kids a stage and you've got a show


so cute to watch the littles join in too

Swim Beach was so shallow it was kind of freaky to see the kids that far out in the water!

Boulder Bay


and "boom goes the dynamite"

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