Violet Mae all day!

I have been meaning to post this for a while now because violet Mae is growing and changing so fast that I feel I need to keep record of all her antics before I forget! Little "v" is such a joy to be around. She is so busy and happy and is a true little monkey. This kid has more words than I can count. She is already putting 3 word sentences together like "look a duck!" Speaking of ducks she is quite obsessed with them lately- same goes for any and all baby dolls and any kind of minky blanket with dots on it. She LOVES to sing- current favorite is "twinkle twinkle little star"-video coming soon of that one. She has some "stranger danger" going on- especially towards men! She doesn't understand why buddies like Sam and Connor don't live here all the time- frequently in the car she will ask "where's Sam?" Or "where's Connor?" She will even wake up from a nap and the first thing she says is either "where's sissy-where's Sam or where's Connor?" So silly! If there's one thing violet Mae is its silly. She loves dressing herself or the more correct description would be un-dressing herself. You can often hear her in her bed talking and singing to herself for ages. It seems she can't sit still (for me anyway) for more than two minutes-nope there is just too much to explore. And if you walk with her holding hands don't be surprised if she all of a sudden starts dragging her feet because she's expecting to be swung in the air. I share all these little tidbits of violet with you because life is just flying by too fast that it makes it too easy for me to under appreciate how special all these little daily milestones are. When I write all this down I can sit back later and remember or better yet print a beautiful book at the end of the year so that hopefully I will never forget how fun and unique all our experiences have been- even the "everyday" ones. So I blog to share, but the main person I'm sharing with is myself. I have a terrible memory so maybe one day my blog books will be my "Notebook." Hopefully it will never come to that but you get the idea. ;).

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