1st day of school

The kids started school today.
This was the last day of preschool for Pen and the first for Violet.

Violet was so excited to finally get to follow in her big sister's footsteps.
She's really enjoying becoming a big girl, and getting a chance to do a lot of the things she's only been able to watch Penelope do for so long now.
She keeps talking about ballet and gymnastics... slow down girl, slow down!
And while there were no tears at drop off, apparently there was some sort of insane meltdown at potty time.
Maybe too much too soon?
I'm sure she will adjust, but it breaks my heart to hear she's not having the time of her life the entire day.
I guess Pen's transition was so much smoother because she had been in a preschool since she was 18months old before starting Little Angels.

Pen's day went great, and I am super excited to see all that they will be learning this year.
We toured the classroom on Monday, and I loved the different "centers" they have for learning. 
They get a designated 40 mins of time to work on different skills and concepts, and they change stations every ten minutes.
Its so interesting to see how different this class is.
Penelope is really starting to show interest in letters and numbers, and I know this is going to be a great year for her.
It will be a great year for both of them.
Violet is going to grow and blossom so much and I'm so excited for these two.
Here is their day in pics.

they woke up to a special surprise- Frozen backpacks and a necklace for each

my little ladybug

my big girl butterfly

giving Ms Ornelas the cookies she made

snack time

giving ms soto her cookies

and mom & dad got to do THIS!

story time @ pickup- thanks Jess!

and a first day=an after school treat with friends!


  1. such a great capture of their first day. and SUCH beautiful girls - nice job mama!