Frozen Dance Camp

This summer I decided to keep both girls out of summer school.
I was excited for the girls to start in the summer mainly because I knew I'd be ready for a break with a new baby and all. However I was also super bummed last year that I didn't get to do more summer activities with Penelope, and that she missed a lot of fun summer playdates with her buddies.
We've been pretty low key so far since we do have a pretty new infant in our house, and I must say it has actually been a bit of a relief for me to not be schlepping my kids all over town- worrying about them being on time for various activities. Trying to juggle three little people (one of whom always either needs to sleep or eat from my boob) is extremely stressful for me- especially when sleep deprived.
All that being said, I do think Penelope is old enough to splurge on a few summer camps. 
One of her buddy's mom's coordinated with me back in March an entire schedule of summer camp ideas-of which we picked three. This way they each had a friend. 
So Frozen Dance Camp is Penelope's 2nd camp so far and she loved it.
It was put on by Santa Barbara Dance Arts from 9a-12n M-Th.
Each day they rehearsed their "special" performance for the big show on Thursday night.
Here are a few fun shots.
They performed "In Summer" and did a finale collective dance with the entire school to "Let it Go."
Very very cute

a quick little snippet of the snowman dance ;)

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