Everly's Fourth Month

On July 30th Everly turned four months old!
Month four was a bit challenging in that she went through a sleep regression for a couple weeks.
I think it maaayyy have something to do with the fact that she sprouted two new teeth.
We also thought she seemed a bit hungrier so we decided to start her on solids.
This little monkey is going to be extremely active I'm afraid! :)
She is constantly bouncing as hard as she can in her bouncy chair, and when she is standing in my lap she loves to jump up and down. Sometime its even hard to hold her because she will start doing this.
I love this little baby so much.
Congratulations on completing your FOURTH month little Everly Elle.
You are doing GREAT!

first Fiesta

first Fiesta parade- we decorated her stroller

no she wasn't driving ;)

morning stretches

selfie with nana

she loves bath time

shown off her outfit her Auntie Sarah got her

hangin with cousin

costco nap

havin a chat with papa bear

blowing raspberries

first solids

selfie at the nail salon

showin off her outfit Auntie Kate got her


first bananas

more first solid pics

she's like hmmmm... I don't know about this!


  1. Such a cutie!!! And yes it's going way too fast!!! You might need to have another one lol