Christmas 2013

I swear each year Christmas gets more special. A big reason for that is because our family just keeps growing- both in volume and in years. With each year that passes our little ladies understand more and more what the holidays are all about. Its even fun to see that they remember details of things we've done in the past, and that they appreciate these traditions we've started and look forward to them. It's teaching me that even though sometimes I feel like we might do too much or they might be too young to remember- its actually never too soon to start building their childhood memories.

decorating the tree
one fun tradition I've adopted from my family is to give each person
a special ornament each year so that over time our tree is filled with lots of memories
we also like to collect ornaments when we travel so that we can remember specific events

Christmas Eve at my parents was super fun this year
They went all out- it was like having two Christmases

Christmas morning- checking out a note Santa left her thanking her for the cookies

so excited about her Frozen castle

my joke is this was the "Frozen Christmas" :)

Gracie couldn't wait to go outside and enjoy her presents!

first big girl bike!

matching PJS! Ha!

Christmas dinner at my parents

kids table 

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