The Polar Express

One of our newer family traditions is to take the kids on the Fillmore train at christmas time. This year we decided to go the first weekend in the hopes that we could also cut our tree down again. Unfortunately the traffic was so crazy getting down there we just had enough time to get dinner and make the train. This train ride is so cute and I look forward to it every year now. 

The kids are encouraged to wear their christmas pajamas
All the kids get chocolate milk and christmas cookies :)

We finally arrive at the North Pole! We pick up Santa so we can bring him back to the station for a photo opp. 

Hey, there he is!!

The elves serve the cookies and read the night before christmas. They also give all the kids a jingle bell when we sing christmas carols.

Lots of really cool vintage decorations:

Super old vintage carousel

We got to take a pic with Santa!

                    Merry christmas!

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